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OUR Products

We are currently developing 2 evidence-based, rigorously tested VR solutions for optometrists that will make diagnosing and treating vision disorders easier, more efficient, and more widely available. Our solutions include a headset with onboard eye-tracking and a tablet pre-installed with our HIPAA-compliant software.


VERVE (Virtual Eye Rotation Vision Exercises) is a vision therapy tool for optometry practices to treat convergence insufficiency and other vergence disorders.


Therapy is integrated into our VR game, and automatically adjusts in difficulty to match patient performance. Treatment requires regularly scheduled sessions, just like traditional in-office therapy — except it's much easier for the optometrist, and much more fun for the patient!


We're currently conducting a larger randomized clinical trial to establish its efficacy, and plan to release VERVE for sale in the second half of 2024.

FDA Clearance Pending




SPOT (Screening Patients with Oculomotor Telemedicine) is a vision diagnostics platform that screens for 75% of binocular  disorders in much less time than a full binocular vision exam. SPOT can be administered by any provider that screens for general health problems, including optometrists, physicians, pediatricians, and school nurses.

We hope to launch this platform in early 2025.

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